All Prices on Sites / Rentals are for 2 adults plus children. All additional adults (18+)are $5 per person per night. Pets are an additional $10 per night charge in Cozy / Honeymoon cabins. Sorry NO pets in Creek Cabins, Bunkhouse or Retro Trailer. NO Exceptions!!! $50 fine if a pet is found inside or on deck.

Tent Sites & RV Sites – One family per site

  • Emergency Calls – Dial 911 or contact Park Personnel
  • Speed Limit is 5 MPH throughout the resort
  • Quiet hours will be maintained Sunday through Thursday between 10:00 PM and 8:00AM. Friday and Saturday hours are 10:30PM to 8:00AM.
  • Occupancy of site is restricted to the registered guests only. All others will be charged a visitor fee. Registered campers are responsible for the behavior of their guests. Visitors may not bring pets with them. No visitors admitted to area after 9:00PM. Day visitors must be out of area by 9:00PM. Maximum visitors allowed: Day visitors – Two visiting families. Overnight visitors – Four adults or one family. Rental guests please see unit rules. Please call the office for visitor rates as they are subject to change throughout the season.
  • Campers under 7 must be accompanied to the restrooms by an adult. Campers must not leave their children unattended in the camping area. Campers under 18 must be back at their site by 10:00PM unless accompanied by a parent.
  • Please keep fire pits clean and free of refuse. Fires are limited to fire pits on site and must be attended at all times. If conditions are dry or windy, ask the office before lighting. All fires are to be extinguished by 12:00AM. There may be a fire ban any time Cutty’s Staff feels necessary to do so.
  • Do not cut on or down any trees or plants on the sites or in the wilderness area. Anyone destroying any property or trespassing on posted property shall be responsible for the damages and shall be evicted immediately.
  • Please limit your driving to necessity. Most areas of the resort are a five-minute walk. ATVs, Motorcycles, Mini-bikes, motorized scooters, and any other recreational vehicles of this type are strictly prohibited. Bicycles must be returned to the site by DUSK. Use caution when riding on hills.
  • Respect other guests and their property. Use roads and trails rather than cutting through sites.
  • Secure your personal property/valuables. We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or left-behind items, or damages.
  • Car and RV washing is prohibited.
  • Sites – Check-in time is 3:00PM each day. Check-out is Noon.
  • Please make sure you observe the check-out time of Sites and Cabins. Other campers may be checking in to your site/rental, and we need to prepare it for their arrival.
  • Cabin and Trailer Rentals – Check-in time is 4:00PM each day. Check-out time is 11am.
  • Telephone Messages – Only Emergency messages will be delivered.
  • No trash pickup. Please bring all rubbish to our recycling center located on the resort map. Camping generated refuse only.
  • Excessive drinking, intoxication, or drug use will not be tolerated, and are grounds for immediate ejection. Marijuana use is NOT allowed. If caught with Marijuana you will be asked to leave immediately with no refund.
  • This is a family resort. Appropriate language and acceptable clothing must be maintained at all times. We reserve the right to maintain a comfortable atmosphere in the park and have the right to eject without prior notice anyone who, in our judgment, creates a disturbance or nuisance, or deliberately breaks the rules. No refunds of fees will be made in such an event.
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